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Oliver Twist Tropical
Product ID OT-Tropical
Oliver Twist Tropical

The Oliver Twist range is made up of a range of different flavours, each with its own unique taste. All the varieties taste of tobacco and are flavored with different licorice or fruit tastes.


With a taste of anis.

Ingredients: Tobacco, water, sugar, licorice, flavoring, potassium sorbate (E202).

Average content of each tobacco bit
Sugar: 0.06 g/Nicotine: 5 mg.*

*Only some of the nicotine is released during use. The amount released depends on how much the tobacco bit is chewed. Therefore, a tobacco bit will still contain nicotine when it is disposed of.



Each box contains 7 grams, equivalent to around 30 tobacco bits. All flavors are based on tobacco leaves which contain nicotine. All ingredients are approved for the production of foodstuffs.


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